Android Server Details

You can use any Android device (phone or tablet) instead of your computer to act as a bridge between your iPhone/iPad and the NXT. Just go ahead and download the RoboRemote Server here.

The Android server is composed of two screens. On the first screen you will choose the App that the RoboRemote Server will connect to. On the second screen you will make the connections to the iPhone/iPad and to the NXT. This second screen is composed by three sections:

  1. Connection buttons : first connect to the iPhone/iPad by tapping the first button and after the connection is done then you can connect to the NXT using the second button. After tapping the “Connect iPhone/iPad” button the lower section of the screen will display the IP and the Port number that the app on the iPhone/iPad will have to connect to.
  2. Proximity Sensor Mode : it is only available for the RoboCar and RoboTank modules of the RoboRemote app for iPhone. Switch between using the motor on port C to move the sensor in the direction the car moves ( moving state ), or just place the sensor anywhere you want, no motor needed ( static )
  3. Server status : this lower section will display connection statuses and also the IP and Port number of the server that the iOS app will have to connect to.

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