Connect your iPhone/iPad to the RoboRemote Server on your computer

The first step is to connect the App on your iPhone or iPad to the RoboRemote Server. The RoboRemote Server is the bridge between your device and the NXT and can be downloaded here.

To connect just use one of the methods described below. We recommend the manual IP and Port method as it works every time. It might be a little more intimidating, but do not worry, we have provided a small video tutorial. The automatic method is easier, but sometimes it might not work due to many reasons such as router settings, firewall, etc, one of the most common one being that the your router model just does not support Bonjour. You can, of course, try this one first, and if it fails, go for the manual connection.

Manual connection: IP and Port
Automatic connection (using Bonjour)

If you opt for the Manual IP and Port connection method, we have also added a few more details below to help you find the IP and Port:

How to find your IP on a MAC
How to find your IP on Windows
How to find your IP on an Android device
Where is the Port number?
Connect the RoboRemote Server to the NXT

The second and final step is to connect the RoboRemote Server to the NXT. Just follow along the tutorial.

Connect the server to the NXT
NXT – PC Pairing on Windows

UPDATE: the safest and easiest way of pairing is to first go on the NXT menu and delete the old Bluetooth connections and then pair using the Mindstorms Software, and after you pair them remember to CLOSE the Mindstorms Software. If you haven’t paired your NXT with the Mindstorms NXT Software, then you will be prompted by this message on the NXT when you try to connect to it using the Windows Server:

At this point you need to click the Pair button on the Server, type in your 4 digit code and then click Pair

Now setup the same code on the NXT and press the orange enter button. The pairing process should now be complete.
If you have any problems during pairing visit our troubleshooting section found on the bottom of this page.

NXT – Android Pairing

If your Android and your NXT are not already paired then after tapping the “Connect NXT” button you will be promted to search for a NXT:


After the NXT has been found tap on the label and the NXT will display the pairing window. Tap the orange button on the NXT to confirm the pairing code:

The Android device will now promt for the Pairing request code. Enter the same code as on the NXT and the device should now connect to the NXT.


Feel free to contact us, for any questions that you have, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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