Special Notes

The RoboRemote App connects to the PC/Android using WiFi signal so it is important that you are on a WiFi network when attempting to establish the connection. Also the signal must be very strong otherwise there might be communication delays.

The RoboRemote Server connects to the NXT using bluetooth, so make sure you have bluetooth enabled on your PC/Android and on your NXT.

  • The RoboRemote Server does not start : please uninstall any Java Runtime Environment you currently have installed and reinstall it from the link privided on our home page. Do the same with Bonjour ( make sure you uninstall both Bonjour and Bonjour Print Services and reinstall from the link provided by us – the file in the link has both Bonjour and Bonjour Print Services).

  • Apple Bonjour Service is installed but the RoboRemote Server does not connect to the iPhone/iPod/iPad : some routers block Bonjour Service : enter the router settings and search for “multicast” (imgp) and enable it.

  • One or more motors no longer react and a low buzzing sound is coming from them : you have used an incorrect pair of option-build setting and the motor/motors are forced to move more than the space allows, or they do not receive enough power for the operation in progress. In this case use the back button on the NXT to exit the RoboRemote program at wich point the motor/motors stops/stop the current action. You can now press the orange Enter button on the NXT to manually start RoboRemote again. No need to reconnect on the PC/iPhone. You can now use the correct option for the current build. If the correct build and the correct option on the iPhone are used and the problem described earlier still occurs than you should check to see if the sensors and the motors are connected to the right ports.

  • A motor or a sensor does not respond : the motor or the sensors are not connected correctly or not at all. Be sure to connect all motors and sensors according to the current option you are trying to use on the iPhone.

  • The iPhone no longer connects to the PC/Mac Server : you need to force restart the RoboRemote app on the iPhone, more details are found on the Apple site here: Close App

  • The Mindstorms Software does not download the program to the NXT giving “Error code 5002”: the RoboRemote NXT program is made for the Mindstorms NXT 2.0 and is tested on this version only. Trying to open/install using another version other than 2.0 is not tested and might not work. The problem also appears when using NXT 2.0 and Mindstorms Software Education version. This version does not have support for the color sensor block. As a result the blocks that use the color sensor block appear broken, and trying to download the program like this on the NXT will give the above error. To solve these you can delete the two blocks bgs and Slingshot( from inside the program, not the .rbt files) and download again, or use the retail version of the software.

  • Error code 7 – Cannot download needed file for the program : copy the RR Icon.ric file to the appropriate folder as instructed in step 2 in the Setup section on the top of the page and try again.

  • Pairing on Windows does not work: if you receive an error message “Device not reachable” and the RoboRemote Server does not connect to the NXT then you should try and delete the old connections: on the NXT menu go to Bluetooth->My Contacts and delete the connections you find there. Do a complete restart as described in the next paragraph and try again.

  • If every other solution fails it is best to start fresh: close the server App, close the NXT, close the App ( use the details here: Close App) then restart all 3 and try again.

If you encounter any other problem not described here please send us en email on contact@redroundrobot.com or use the contact form below containing:

– the problem

– steps you made to encounter it

– message displayed on the Server/iPhone/NXT/Mindstorms Software

– if the problem is related to the NXT program also mention the Mindstorms Software version

– operating system ( if Windows also mention 32/64 bit)

– the RoboRemote Server and app version

– router model and number