The best things are built when you do them for yourself. That’s how our apps started: from our passion for Lego. As more and more requests and feedback came from other users, the apps began to grow and evolve into something fun, mature, into something that we are very proud of. Go ahead and watch our video demos and see what they can do.

Our Apps
RoboRemote – Supercars

A remote for the NXT Mindstorms Lego car that can be built using the instructions from our website

RoboRemote Humanoid

Control Lego NXT Alpha Rex using your iPhone or your iPad as a remote.


Control the NXT RoboCroc using yout smart device.

PFremote for EV3

Control your Lego Powered creations using your device and EV3.


Read the sensor data from your device and send it to EV3 : Gyro, Compass, Accelerometer and Gravity

PFremote for NXT

Control your Lego NXT creations using this custom made remote.

MAC Server

Download the RoboRemote Server for MAC OSX for versions starting with 10.5+

Windows Server

Download the RoboRemote Server for Windows. The Windows Server requires Java Runtime Environment and Apple Bonjour Service

NXT Files

Download the files required for RoboRemote SuperCars.

EV3nts Blocks

Download the EV3nts custom blocks for the EV3 brick.

Build Instructions

Easy to drive, and even easier to build. This is our favorite. view details


One motor for propulsion and one for turning the front wheels. A real wheel drive car. view details

RoboCar + Differential

Think outside the box and add a differential to the back wheels. view details

Ball Gun

view details


view details


view details

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